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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Nice work young man; GLW the Engineering schooling!

You will find plenty of "sins of the past" when you begin stage Zero'ing these old Swedes..... plus a bit of wear related issues.

My son who owns a pair of 240s, just bought his GF a 93 940 NA..... and once he replaced the blown front struts they were both amazed at the ride quality of the 9 vs. the 2. These machines really shine on the highway. I'll be following your progress.......
Thank you very much! I've been following your thread, your attention to detail is very impressive. Jumping ahead a little bit, but I recently scored a set of near-new Bilstein Touring shocks from the junkyard ($14, woohoo) to replace the extremely crusty KYB Gas-a-Justs that were in there before and the difference in composure is astounding. I'm looking forward to doing the struts now for sure. Replacing the blown out bushings should work wonders as well, and while the car was in the air for the M90 swap I put a set of new Lesjofors HD springs in the rear to replace the leaning original ones.

Originally Posted by soclosenotnear View Post
You will have many more smiles with three pedals. It really makes the 7/9 series enjoyable to drive.
I've been following your thread, too! The car really is a blast with the M90, it's already been worth my while several times over. A manual transmission swap and a little extra boost really turned it from an old taxi into a proper enthusiast's car.

The most pressing issues at present are probably suspension (bushings/strut inserts), front brakes (the pedal is a little long and it's all pretty questionable up front in terms of rotors/pads/calipers/maybe even lines) and lately, getting the A/C to work thanks to our recent heat wave. Power is certainly acceptable now that I added some boost so I don't need to think about going faster for a little bit.

I have a GFB G-Force 2 that I'll do a little review of eventually that is set to about 13 psi at most. Wastegate pressure was baselined at a maximum of 5.8 psi, is that an indication of poor health somewhere or just worn out components? This car is the only turbo experience I have, for the most part, so I don't know how sensitive a lot of this stuff is to age/neglect other than that I keep tearing CBVs. I'm extremely happy with the results of the added boost, the car feels sooo much faster and finally feels turbocharged to boot. There's a ton of usable torque. I chose 13 psi as my boost level after looking at a 13C compressor map, considering that I have a stock intercooler that I have not looked at or cleaned, and noting that 13 psi was the most that the factory Turbo+ kit allowed for. As an added precaution I run 93 octane in this car. I could certainly push it more, but this is enough for now.

I think the A/C worked recently, as the compressor turns freely but one of the lines that runs off of the compressor is split in two. My guess is that this is from the same incident that destroyed the plastic belly pan and bent its mounts. I can't find my pictures now for some reason but I threw a new cheap aftermarket belly pan on there immediately after the swap was done. Seeing as the Volvo piece was an order of magnitude pricier and the only job of the belly pan (or "air guide" as the parts catalog calls it) is to be approximately the shape that it is I decided it would be a fine piece to cheap out on. The mounting tabs were bent back into shape with a pair of vice grips and a cloth to prevent any damage to paint/undercoating.
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