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If you start to restore the AC, consider an alternate top suction hose from the receiver/drier to the compressor. I tried at least 3 aftermarket 4 Seasons style tube/hoses to fit my 92 compressor.... none would fit, one even broke the end of my compressor while I tried to pull it into position with the mounting bolts (do NOT do this). I got an excellent tip from VOLUPARTS in the ATL. There is an early 7 series suction hose that rolls backward to the firewall, across the top of the rear valve cover, then dives behind your throttle body down to the compressor. I was a skeptic.... but now fully agree with this swap. Much cleaner and no Chinese bent tubing which won't fit your compressor. I think the 93 has the same unit as my 92.... but the 94-95 use the "rabbit ears" later compressor and the suction hoses are different (2ManyTurbos is an expert of the threads used on all these vintage compressors and he can fill you in). The high pressure hoses (aftermarket) fit just fine. My 92 still uses the R12 style condenser, and perhaps at 94 they switched to the parallel flow unit. Based on my experience, you do NOT need the parallel flow condenser with R134a so long as you use a variable orifice tube. Again, I was skeptical as these were near $40 compared to $5 for the fixed orifice, but after driving it in the steamy SE there is a significant difference in the temps coming out of the center duct.

If you proceed with your AC repairs, shoot me a PM for more 411.
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