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you need to calibrate the afr table for the wideband as well, otherwise it's using the lookup table for a narrowband sensor and anything over 1v will be full lean. there's also that cool phenomenon of ground differentials.. so try and ground the wideband at the same point you're grounding the ms.

I generally run the idle valve around 97hz or there abouts, with a 'closed' value of like... 28 or so (I'd have to look), it's not actually closed at that point, but I've found no need to run it any lower than that. don't worry about the idle part so much until you've got your afr's roughed in (And/or tuned fairly well), otherwise it'll be a moving target. You can also turn on idle timing and use a + - from zero to add or pull timing based on what direction the idle is going.. timing will react faster than the valve will (And the valve isn't terribly slow) and helps smooth it all out.
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