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Default 2006 East vs. West.

The Official Boostdemon Sanctioned Thread.

The Rules and the Breakdowns:

Ok ladies and gentlemen, lets keep this thread as empty as possible.

If you have a time, PM me.

If you have a complaint, PM me.

If you have a question, PM me.

If you want to rant and rave as I'm sure some of you will. Please use this thread:

When you PM me with times please include what side you are on (what group), what 'class' you're in, what model volvo, and a link to qualifying proof of your time slip or all the information from your run - such as a video, picture, or scanned time slip and someone who can vouch for you.


p.s. There is supposed to be a webpage with an easy user interface at some point later this year.
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