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If someone who can put the pics on can pm their email everyone can see my efforts, please bear in mind i know as much about this as you guys, about the timing advance, my engine kicks back on the starter at more than that, also it's definately losing top end performance being advanced 60 degrees, i'm not running mega squirt i've only got a simple stromberg carb but i can assure you my fuel mixture was about 13.5 give or take .5, i know you mega boys can get your fuel mixtures smack on but for my purposes it's close enough, as for hot spots, i was also worried by that, so i removed all sharp edges with a needle file, i know on the website they say not to remove them, but i did anyway.

The head is off a 89 gle with a 230e so i would assume the compression ratio is around 10.00 less the material removed for the grooves, there are much better technical people than me on the board that can guess the amount it's gone down, if this method can be proved to help with detonation the benefits should be obvious to everyone who wishes to run engines at higher than stock power levels, if it turns out to be a crock of **** then no harm done. Les.
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