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I've been bothered by more than one member about this and i think it is relatively fair.

Rule #7 stands.

but i think a member should be allowed a run in 2 classes if they own a car in the turbo OR non-volvo class AND the n/a class.

i.e. if someone has a turbo volvo and a separate n/a volvo he can have two times because they are two different classes.

and if someone has a non-volvo powered volvo and a n/a volvo he can have two times.

but you cannot have a turbo time and non-volvo time.

i dont think this is a problem because no n/a car is going to go fast enough to give a side a serious points advantage by fanatical owners running two very fast cars.

people seem to want this rule, so if no one objects (this rule should affect both coasts equally and thus be fair) im going to let it happen via popular demand.
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