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Default Why i tried the grooves.

People are probably getting a bit fed up with my ramblings but here goes.

It's a bit hard to describe the affect the grooves have to someone else, sounds like a fairy tale, no wonder people think it's bs, you disfigure your pride and joy with a file and it works better, yeah right, to the people who think it's bs i don't really blame you, it pretty much goes against any "accepted practise", i'd have rejected it myself but for the fact it was free, i'm also disabled, 2 strokes, not important except i spend at least 2/3rds of my time in bed, and that doesn't count nights, so i've got plenty of thinking time, my "quality time" is spent on family stuff but that still leaves a proportion of time when i tend to get depressed and fret on how useless i am, daft projects that don't cost mucho cash keep me occupied and when they work lol, give me a feeling of accomplishment just for having done it myself, so if anybody was wondering why a fairly sensible (or as my wife puts it "senile") brit would be willing to destroy a perfectly good volvo head, now you know.
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