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Originally Posted by Les, slight limp
I had to lean the carb out after doing the grooves to get the tickover down,
Probably a british English vs what the rest of us speak issue , but what do you mean buy “tickover” or “get the tickover down?”

the grooves actually call for having the c/r raised or turning the boost up to realise the full benefits, all my tests were done on 95 ron unleaded, i think thats about equivalent to 88 ish american, it's normal supermarket piss anyway nothing special.
They don’t really translate, since our rating is an average of 2 different ratings could be anything in a rather wide range over here and vice versa. Might be more useful if you guys do something like regular (87 R+M/2), plus (89 R+M/2) and premium or supreme (between 91 and 93 R+M/2 depending on area). In some places you can also buy an economy which is 86 R+M/2 (don’t know of anything that it is actually recommended for), and in some cases you can also buy 94 (getting rare), without getting into race gas
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