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Originally Posted by xwave
...Good to hear theres a few people who are willing not only to groove many heads, but are of the firm belief that its a positive move, and worthwhile in professional applications....
Not only has the modification worthwhile but it has proved to provide a fix to common problems of the the ineffecent design we call the internal combustion engine. Detonation, pore throttle response and lack of low RPM power are a thing of the past.

Here are details of one of my current projects.

I'm helping a good friend with his 1965 Corvette race car. It has a Generation II SCB from the late 90s, bored and stroked to 383 CI. Electronic fuel injection with a mix of production and aftermarket parts. The heads are a production piece ported and grooved.

The car has been 9.90ET in the 1/4 mile; it has reached the limits of the production intake manifold and valve sizes. Next step will be to fabricate a dual plane/dual throttle body intake manifold.

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