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I finally got it out. After working it back and forth for 5 min, I was able to get a pair of screwdrivers under it and pry it out. There was a bunch of corrosion buildup that looked like sandy earwax lol.

This distributor is decked out with mechanical advance and vacuum advance/retard. Has anyone done a write-up of disabling these features? I could just zip the mechanical part together with the Mig, but not so much on the vacuum advance part.

Also, the reluctor wheel with the 4 fingers I mentioned in the OP has the one finger that is intentionally out of time with the others, and that is the one that is damaged. I was able to bend it straight, but it cracked and I do not believe that it will stay intact for long. Do you guys think it is possible for me to tack some extra metal in with a Tig machine?
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