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Default Oil Pump Mods - Max Effort

I'm experimenting with oil pump mods in order to increase flow volume and efficiency at lower rpm's and also add reliability...

So, I'm in the middle of building a solid turbo street engine, a 93' B230FT(squirter) with Wiseco Pistons, RSi rods, ect. Also I'll be running a remote oil filter and cooler.
This engine will be built for lower-RPM power and reliability so I'm motivated to improve the oiling system, mainly the stock oil pump since there is no "performance" pump available.

It seems most people get by just fine with an OEM or stock style oil pump as long as the oil transfer tube o-rings are installed correctly and in good shape..
So why would I bother modding a perfectly stock oil pump?

4 things:
-Can't leave well enough alone.
-Fixing things that aren't broke
-Reckless Curiosity

This is my first Volvo engine so please offer some constructive criticism if available.
List of items purchased:
-120580 Oil Pump Redblock OEM $413.06(one sale)
-Oil Pump Shaft Reinforcing Ring, 1pc $8.95

-ARP-670-1002 M6X1mmX25mmLong $11.81 5pcs
-ARP-671-1002 M8X1.25mmX25mmLong $12.23 5pcs

-9220K381 Smooth-Bore Seamless tubing 3ft. $9.93
-4464K563 3/8 NPTF pipe plug 302 Stainless $1.87 1pc
-92235A108 Flanged head SHMS M4X0.7mmX10mmLong $7.30 50pcs
-1185N37 Brown Viton O-rings, 1.5mmW 14mmDia $8.83 25pcs

-Oil Pump intake, 3D Printing, SS/Bronze $108.14 1pc

-Abradable coating, Oil Pump Internals $93.27

TOTAL W/O Tax and Shipping: $675.39
I'll follow up with more detail in following posts, Thanks!

Improved Pump installed
Blue 79' 242 GL
Engine Rebuild in process!
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