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Originally Posted by lummert View Post
Have you tried lowering the fuel pressure?
I have not, however my base Idle is around 14.4 which isn't too bad so I figure my issues arise from using LH 2.2 fuel maps without the usual conditions (20psi+). Only tuning I've done is through leaning out the mixture using the MAF as much as possible. It seemed to work for a while and I would get a good burn all the way to red line however it has gotten progressively worse. It started with just a large flat spot in the powerband when the mixture got rich to the point where it couldnt be ignited, however power would come back once boost leaned out the mixture and it was once again able to burn. Now however, it is as if this flat spot is endless...

If you want more info on the issue, I have a thread about it here (I'm pretty sure you made a few posts in there...):
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