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just finished the job. replaced all 3 u-joints in my 86 m46 driveshaft with the 3" version. First time doing u-joints myself and it was pretty easy as long as a needle bearing doesn't fall over. Only happened on 1 of 12 cups though. The other u-joints were fine but weren't grease-able so I replaced them. The last one pictured above was the only bad one.

But, I ran into a slight issue. I also attempted to replace the carrier bearing. I used a socket extension inside the splined section of the shaft and used a gear puller to (try to) pull the bearing off. I forgot the driveshaft is hollow so what ended up happening is I pushed out the circle of metal welded internally that keeps the grease in the splines INTO the hollow driveshaft. I gave up pulling the bearing as it was actually fine so I just re-packed it. When I drive, at low speeds, I can hear the metal disc bouncing around in the shaft. It quiets down at ~10mph. How can I get this disc out?? Should I ask a machine shop?
1991 244 LH2.4 m46 302k? miles
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