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You're supposed to get in just behind the thin dust flange with a drift or large flat screwdriver at an angle and knock the center support bearing off by chasing it around 90 at a time.

Chasing it back on in a similar fashion you'll need to stay on the inner race or you'll ruin the bearing runs if you strike the outer race.
I was just trying to pull the bearing off to replace it, so damaging it wasn't an issue

Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Also make sure the cups are knocked back against the circlips by striking the yokes and or tubes with a dead blow or block of wood and hammer to assure proper articulation.
I watched a couple youtube videos for doing u-joints and was told to do this. It's crazy how much it loosens up the stiff joint right after the install. I'll probably give them a couple more taps and a another chooch of the grease gun when I pull the shaft again to get the dang disc out.
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