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Default Poorly running 240 - Solved

I know these pop up often... sorry.

1993 244

I've had a weird intermittent issue where the car would run great for hundreds of miles then stall one day. Then run great again. Sometimes an occasional stumble and back to running good.

It eventually got worse and at times wouldn't start or it would start but not idle on it's on. Until it got bad I never had any codes. But once it wasn't driveable, I got the 1-1-3 faulty fuel injectors or incorrect fuel mixture depending on where you look up the codes.

I assumed I could figure it out with parts..

Main pump and filter. Also checked fuel pressure with only pumps running, car running and the car running with the FPR unplugged.

Replaced the powerstage and CPS.

Swapped plug wires.

New plugs - the old plugs were gapped way more than they should have been but the car ran great the last 25K with them.

Swapped in rebuilt Bosch injectors. Ohm tested new o-rings.

New ECT.

New o2 sensor.

I cleaned and made sure the idle control valve was clicking open.

Verified the injectors were firing.

Blew cigar smoke in vacuum hoses and blasted the engine with carb cleaner trying to find leaks with no luck.

After replacing the injectors and plugs it started much better but won't idle at all. Runs decent if I keep my foot on the pedal. It's pretty smooth but seems like a little bit of a hiccup. I had the battery unplugged so I guess that erased any codes. But the check engine light came on and I still have the 1-1-3 code.

I tried checking the O2 sensor at the computer plug and I did not see continuity. I checked the green wire from where it connects to the O2 harness and at the plug to the computer and I had continuity (assuming this means there's no break in the wire).

Any ideas on why I wouldn't have continuity for the O2 sensor? Same reading on the last sensor and replacing didn't fix it. And are there other ways to check it or anyone have any ideas I check?
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93 244 stockish.

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