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Your 93.. is it the late production with the fuses on the battery post?

113 is telling you it is in limp-home rich mode and not about faulty injectors, and the continuity test prescribed in Bentley has an error where the oxygen sensor wiring is checked. Reset the computer by momentarily removing the FI fuse (either #6 inside or the PAL fuse outside if yours is late production) and monitor the oxygen sensor output voltage once it is warmed up. Before you reset the computers, it will run poorly but run. After you reset, give it 10 minutes to adapt again before you trust taking your foot off of the accelerator pedal for idle. My experience is rife with poor connections rather than "bad" parts. However a "bad" FPR or AMM or O2 will get the thing into limp-home 113 and make it feel intermittent.
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