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Originally Posted by 2turbotoys View Post
May try monitoring the idle air motor and AMM while idling with a meter, I had intermittent severe power loss, was fine for 1/2 tank of gas then lost all hp when accelerating. After firing the parts shotgun at the fuel system, it turned out to be the AMM and idle air motor had intermittent problems, the idle air motor was actually the main culprit, started sticking open when warm, but only every once and a while. It seemed to be worse the warmer the engine got, like sitting in traffic for extended periods of time.
Not exactly what you are experiencing, just throwing it out there

Once I get it to idle I'll try that, thanks.
I just pulled the throttle body to clean it and reset the throttle switch. It was much dirtier than I thought it would be.
85 245 - ipd sport springs and sway bars yoshifab torque rods, kaplhenke bne strut mounts and TAB's. Poly bushings Bilstein tourings. B cam +4. 2.25 exhaust.

93 244 stockish.
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