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update …

I swapped in a known working MAF sensor and after clearing the codes, no more check engine light. The car seems to run and drive fine now but a few times the idle jumped around (after I came to a stop). I have also noticed its taking a few seconds longer to start than it use to. Checking the diagnostics I now have a 2-3-2 code that I believe has to do with the mixture at idle. So I guess I'm still having issues with the A/F mixture. I checked the O2 sensor and verified the voltage jumping around. Ill keep messing with it until everything is running like it should and make updates.

Until I started having these problems, this car always started first time quickly and has never given any problems. It always idled right at 750rpm and hopefully ill get it back there soon.
85 245 - ipd sport springs and sway bars yoshifab torque rods, kaplhenke bne strut mounts and TAB's. Poly bushings Bilstein tourings. B cam +4. 2.25 exhaust.

93 244 stockish.
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