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I had to come up with something for an air filter system. At some point a previous owner felt that sheet metal screws were the best solution to fixing the missing air box latches. When I when to open the box and check the filter, the box became a handful of pieces, nit just a top and bottom. While this setup probably isn't the best I like it. I positioned the filter against the fender air inlet and got, at least, a partial heat barrier up.

20170907 144922

And after getting the boost gauge installed, and working out some minor cat problems and my own mistake of gauge feel placement, it was time for a boost controller. Brass fittings, SS bolt, spring and ball. This unit also has a 1/32 bleed hole in it. I've been running it for about three months now with no issues @10psi, so I guess it works.And since this pic I've added a thumb knob to the cap screw.

20171130 154514
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