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Originally Posted by Eviltwin View Post
so I pulled out the 2 piece driveshaft from my 240 wagon today, and colour me unimpressed.

maybe a 2" OD, hollow..mild steel? and the u-joints looks like a rubics cube could withstand more power.

I'm tempted to simply get a 1 piece driveshaft made, which would couple with my 4l60e trans.
Has anyone done this, AND maintained the 2 degree pinion angle?

or ALTERNATIVELY, stuck it out with the chopsticks driveshaft and hailed Mary at every time you launched and went WOT?

-inquiring minds...

Im using two piece drivelines in two of my 4l60e lsx 240s. Gave the driveline shop the volvo driveline and the slip yoke for the 4l60e. the center support bearing im using is a spicer semi trruck bearing that is the same size as the volvo. been running this setup for 10k miles and no problems.
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