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As far as the OP's question.. it depends. you have a much higher critical speed with a two piece, and you can dial things in a little more easily. Obviously you've added a layer of complexity to it, but I can tell ya on a 240 with a single piece drive shaft capable of holding some stink (3 inch), clearance becomes a bit tricky. on a 700/900, you have the through-chassis part at the back that would also potentially cause problems (but double as a driveshaft loop, so that's cool)

As far as the strength of these items.. I'm using a modified stock driveshaft in the race car (20+psi at launch, around 4-4500 rpms on the stall), no problems with it, even hitting it with a 100 shot of smack. on the v8 car modified stock 940 driveshaft, no problems with it either so far, and it's been in the car for 3 years. It has a very tight converter (too tight), so I haven't really launched it hard, but even still I'm more concerned about the stock rear end than I am the driveshaft twisting up. It's certainly not a problem on the street, the car just spins when it gets up on the pipe
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