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Originally Posted by stylngle2003 View Post
not enough tire!
SO true! Ran 14.1@101mph in limp mode. Tire spin, 1. 2. and 3rd gear, more show than go
Decent trap speed though, knowing the car is running way to rich, so rich it leaves a cloud of fuel when shifting gears. But that will be fixed soon as I just received my piggyback chip so the ecu can be programed.

Originally Posted by tree18is View Post
Hey bud, you got any more pictures of your front lip?
ahh, sorry cant find any, but it came from vw polo but ive removed it from the volvo, it was scraping the road to much ...

Originally Posted by boosted12a View Post
awesome build! dosent look like that ash from the volcano has made it to rek. good. i miss our 3 month deployments to keflavik
Yea, the wind has been in our team here in Reykjavik and blown the ash straight to europe But unluckly the wind is supposed to turn around today, so it might be heading our way.
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