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Seem to be finding more time to tinker lately... I think I may actually get this thing done soon!

Got distracted first doing the clutch on my brother's S70. I feel like whiteblock clutches is all I do lately!
I decided to go with my own solution to the slave cylinder.
I noticed that the S197 mustang input bearing retainer (with provision for internal slave) has a smaller internal diameter than all the other mustang retainers; so the outside diameter won't center in the adapter plate. Here you can see the slight difference in diameter between the two input retainers (stacked).

But it just so happens that it's bore on the back is the same diameter as the shoulder on this 94 input retainer. A few cuts, and you can mount the S197 retainer on the SN95 mustang retainer quite nicely. (and you have to move one bolt hole)

Just a note for any looking to do this in future:
I have a 2005 Mustang 4.0 V6 (S197) Slave, per my measurements it would almost work if you found a way to mount the S197 Input retainer directly on the transmission. (but then you have to find a way to make it center in the bore of the adapter plate)
My solution was to go with the shorter ~2010 Supercharged mustang 5.4 V8 slave which is much shorter. With that setup you have enough clearance to stack the 2 input retainers and end up with a bit to spare to allow for clutch wear (about 3mm). I think you could probably get a fem more mm if you skim the front of the input retainer.

It pains me, but initial steps toward decommissioning the turbo 16 valve 940. T5 transmission out.

Input retainers swapped, and the input shaft shimmed for 0.003" clearance per factory spec. Per my measurements the input shaft was 0.20" too long, so I took 0.25 off the front of it.

Transmission is now installed in the 760! As it sits now I have just over 3mm of extra depth that the slave can compress to allow for clutch wear. Does that sound reasonable to any who have experience with setting up a slave?
1991 940 - stock b234+t -retired
1989 760 - T5 +T5 swapped

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