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Ah the old 5 cylinder sitting around waiting to be but to use scenario, been there! The plan is to use motronic 4.4 and see what Aaron at Vast can do tuning-wise.
Glad to hear some of the info from the thread is getting put to use!

Interesting fact from today, the 960 engine mounts/5cyl ends up about 0.6" (my rough measurement with calipers) forward of where my B234 sat. Had to modify my trans mount that I had made for the old 940/T5 setup so it would bolt up.
It's feeling very close to ready to start. Need to finish plumbing the intercooler, a couple of turbo cooling hoses, and finish welding the downpipe, and then I think I can start it!
1991 940 - stock b234+t -retired
1989 760 - T5 +T5 swapped
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