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So I built a custom remote shifter and measured off the motor mounts back to get it right in the hole where the M46 shifter popped up.
I'd be interested to see pictures of what you came up with if you have any.
My shifter now comes up at the front of the shifter hole, just usable. It'll work for now.

A little update, I got the hydraulic clutch in. I Used a 4an line with a M12x1 to 4an banjo adapter at the master, and a adapter for the push in fitting that a lot of modern clutches use at the slave end. Disengages well after a few bleeds, in psyched that my setup seems like a go!
Waiting on some intercooler hoses, weld the exhaust today, and then I think we can give it a test run.

Anybody have a eggcrate grill for the foglught front they want to sell me?
1991 940 - stock b234+t -retired
1989 760 - T5 +T5 swapped

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