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How far we've come!


It's so close. Since May:
- Got the eggcrate grille from DET17, thanks!
- Took the coolant pipe off to re-weld it after finding 2 pinhole leaks - damn!
- Hooked up the exhaust -2.5" downpipe and stock rear... for now
- Plumbed in the intercooler
- Hooked up intake side of things/PCV/etc
- Swapped the Koni's over from the old 940 - adapted the rear ones to fit IRS
- new hood and trunk shocks so it stops trying to decapitate me!
- Got some goodies from Kaplhenke (Thanks Ben!) 11x275lb springs for the rear (should be around 200lb with the motion ratio of the rear arm.

- Rebuilt the driveshaft - center support and front U joint were notchy

Found a NOS trans mount for the T5 to replace the knackered old one

I just need to bolt in the drivers seat, find a spot to mount the ECU (I pulled the wiring harness through the firewall to put it in the drivers footwell). and wire the headlights, and then it's testdrive time!

I've run it already with the VAST tuning euro map and coil on plug and all seems well. Here's hoping it's driveable to start without the VVT plugged in!
1991 940 - stock b234+t -retired
1989 760 - T5 +T5 swapped
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