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Originally Posted by 740atl View Post
Can you clarify this for my age addled brain?
Lol, happily Mike. I always hope posting all this stuff up will be of some help to others.

So with the s197 input retainer that has the provision for mounting the hydraulic slave cylinder, it can bolt to the front of the T5 transmission. (Well 3 out of 4 bolts) Awesome right!? Got me excited...
Then I realized it's diameter is about 1/4" less than that of the normal fox body/sn95 bearing retainer. So basically you lose the ability of the input retainer to center then transmission in the bellhousing, or adapter plate in our case.
I was just playing around with the parts I had on hand and noticed one of the SN95 retainers had the same outside diameter lip on it as a recess on the back of the S197 mustang retainer. So basically the sn95 retainer centers the tranny to the adapter plate, and the S197 retainer sits on it and centers on another smaller groove, and then the slave can bolt to that and is nicely centered.

Anyways, saved me getting machine work done to accomplish what I wanted. If I did it again (and I may) I would bug Roger at Deeworks to see if he would make a thicker adapter plate so I could use the longer input shaft from a SN95, have the shifter slightly further back, and use the stock S197 slave instead of the shorter version from the supercharged model. But hey, it works!
Hope that helps
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