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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
But what I'm trying to get at is.... why is that better?
Why are parallel links better?
Why not xx% anti-squat?
How much roll steer do you want or need?
I spent a couple days worth of spare time here and there righting up a nice reply for you. Had pics uploaded and links to articles and videos. Power went out and wiped it all out.
I know you know the basics of this stuff at least and you were more or less just goading me into writing something for informations sake, but I'm over it.

Here's the pics I uploaded at least...

Factory Group A car:

Then someone taking it even farther on a modified 240:

Originally Posted by pat244ti View Post
I'm keeping most of the rear suspension stock as far as geometry and mounting for now - just reinforcing it for strength because that is what needs attention.

Once I feel like I have my end of the deal all together [driving], I'll start messing with things like that if I really feel the need. I see enough people doing fine with it who have ran it that way for years where I think it will be fine for me to start with instead of trying to get too creative off the bat.
Sounds like a reasonable plan.

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