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Originally Posted by BradC View Post
With what is going on in the LH2.4 tuning thread, do you _really_ need the Turbo LH and EZK or can you simply upgrade the software in the N/A versions with something read from the Turbo computers? Would be a cheaper upgrade for those of us that live in places where volvo wreckers are harder to come by.
Both options require you to have something mailed or shipped to you correct?

How you do you figure it would be cheaper to do the software upgrade? The emulator alone is $175

You should be able to find at the wreckers, ebay or classifieds a proper Turbo ECU and EZK for $100

You might save a few dollars with the shipping on the smaller emulator...

If you feel comfortable to do the software upgrade that is the reason to do try and save a few dollars is just plain silly since the factory parts are known to work.
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