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If by chance you're towing a car without an engine in it, you'll need to let a lot of air out of the front tires to get it to trail properly. I learned this with the red car pictured above. At 35 psi, the front wheels jackknifed when I tried to turn a corner. I let air out down to about 15-20 psi, and it followed perfectly. You can even back it around corners and into place most of the time.

I've heard different opinions, but I had success just putting the car in neutral, turning the key on (with the battery disconnected) so the steering wheel could rotate freely, and towing that way. Some guys say you should secure the steering wheel and just drag the car around corners. I didn't have any problems using my method with the four cars I towed about 300 miles total.
1996 855 R (red) 218k miles
1993 945 T (white) 207k miles
1993 244 (black) 264k miles
1992 244 (blue) 260k miles
1958 444 (jalopy)
1988 245 DL (tan) 221k (sold)
1978 245 (white) 200k (sold)
1990 244 (red) 241k (parted and sold)
1991 944 GLE (black) 194k (parted and crushed)
1988 745 (green) 260k (parted and crushed)
1975 245 (white) 75k (parted and crushed)

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