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Originally Posted by gsellstr View Post
Nope, you're clear as far as IPD, even got enough time to recoupe funds. I'm hoping to make IPD again next year as well.

We are on track to release the Davis event website right around the time the next issue of Rolling comes out (yeah, I know, look at that, coordinated press release info). Once it's out I will throw a link up here as well so you guys can check it out and start booking appointments with the local office...of your choice.

We're also working on something cool for reg, details once we know for sure.

And yes, there will be a Saturday event as well, ended up basically a repeat of the 2015 Saturday event. I will try and find a slightly better photo op spot though, closer to halfway thru the drive, just to cool the cars before flogging them again. Given we're working on this stuff now instead of the week before, we will hopefully be a little more coordinated.
We appreciate all the efforts it takes to coordinate an event.
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