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^^ That's the issue clubs face these days. Finding unobstructed pavement for events. It makes me a bit nervous running that hard through obstacles like that. It keeps me from going all out because I actually REALLY like my SS. I don't want to hurt it. At the event in my first post a BRZ spun at the finish and came all the way around and stopped with the concrete base of one of those light poles occupying the same space as the door to the car. It ended up with a 1-2 inch deep V shaped dent running from the rocker all the way to the upper edge of the door where the glass starts. The driver was lucky that's all that happened. Ship happens. Two years ago a Vette spun on gravel at the edge of a parking lot we were running on and dropped 20 feet to the bottom of a creek/ditch that bordered the lot. Amazingly, the black berries that had been growing there for years cushioned the fall and the only thing that happened was a cracked front bumper cover and bent exhaust tips. A huge wrecker with a huge extending boom used for Semi-truck tows was called out and the driver used a special strap set up to pick the Vette up by the front wheel. It looked like a toy hanging from a string. The owners were back the next day for our double header event. It's all part of racing. Even SCCA events have their issues. In Portland a few years ago a 911 GT3 Porsche took out 3-4 cars in grid as he was coming into the finish and hit the clutch instead of the brake pedal.

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