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Where did we leave off? Oh right, I was saying that I was forging ahead on the IFS install. Well, that went totally and completely off the rails. No joke. I could square the thing to the rear cross member from the LCA mounts, but then the rest of it was off by 1/4" - so I tried and tried, and built a giant trammel gauge to be sure...and guess what. It's junk.

The LCA's are not level, nor are they parallel (pinched 1/16" on the passenger side, and 3/16" on the drivers side!) then the entire thing isn't centred (the cross member sits 1/4" to the passenger side). So it's going in the metal recycling.

So this has led to a complete redesign of the front suspension. No more hot rod junk. I'm in the process of developing my own cross member and still have to keep to my timeline or this thread will never end. So back to the CAD drawing and head scratching we go.

Here's one of my current problems. The standard hot rod coil overs that I got with this part are junky. The shafts are not chromed and they chew through the seals. The spring rates are unknown and generally, I had resolved to sell them as soon as I saw them. They are urethane bushed and as I had to move the UCA mount back a full INCH to get the suspension back towards stock (let's not even discuss the amount of anti-dive the "engineering" company had dialled in to this mess), then the urethane mount won't work anyway as the coil over has to sit at an angle. This part only had 4" of total suspension travel to boot.

So I'm working around a Bilstein A2 racing coil over with 6" of stroke. This means the current mount has to go up quite a about here.

At this sort of angle.

To get the straightest shot at the LCA mount - like so.

Now that would leave me with a rather funny looking mount - so I'm working on that. Other things that are now junk include my recently welded frame rails! The 4.5" kick on them is for the old cross member - and would have needed to be cut to make room for the tie rod. The existing cross member also just touches the steering monoball boot to get optimum Ackerman...I'll show you what I've cobbled together for a subframe when I get it done.

In the mean time - I'll be on the phone to Art Morrison Enterprises on Monday to see if they can bend me up a rail on the quick!

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