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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Impressive! My fabrication skills make me feel.... puny! How many hours/week are you spending on this project?

One more thing.... is that your own design T5 adapter for the Whiteblock BH? I've got a M90 for mine, but the T5 is plan B.
Thanks. Not as many hours as I would like. I go through phases I guess - the engineering and design was supposed to be done and dusted and I was just going to pound on the build...then this redesign hit. At this point around 20 - 25 hours a week is a good guess.

That is my design on the T5-T5 but (RogerDee) makes them. The issue with both transmissions is strength. So, my T5 will get an A-5 gear set from Astro Performance. I looked at the M90, but with shipping it's all about the same. It may shift better, but I've got no complaints on the shifting of the T5 I built for my 242.
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