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I found some time to take some photos of the interior, which has been almost completely replaced.

Nardi wheel, GT cluster, center console, new CD/Bluetooth deck. You can see that the dash has cracks, but I filled them with black silicone and put a carpet dash cover on it. I'm always kind of on the lookout for a better dash:

View from passenger side. New front seat covers and lower foam. Door panels are in pretty good shape. The black headrests are from my 144, but I'll either get them recovered to match the seats, or try to find tan vinyl ones:

New rear seat covers. The cover for the space below the windshield is out because I'm currently chasing down a leak from the rear windshield seal:

The driver's side front speaker is behind the knee bolster. It's an Alpine 4" 2-way to match the passenger side one, which is mounted in the stock position behind the dash:

2 6.5" Alpine speakers in rear hat shelf. I don't love the color of the Sapele that I used for the shelf, but it was all I had. I'll probably redo the veneer at some point:

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