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Thanks, got any good sources for the old-school cables? Guess it would have to be used.

Originally Posted by Kjets On a Plane View Post
Do yourself a big favor and Throw that aftermarket plastic adjuster horrible awful cable in the trash (or trunk in case of possible remote dire emergency where something is better than nothing) before it pulls thru the firewall, wears out the clutch pedal or god knows what.
They stretch and require constant adjustment from day 1 and the adjustment range isn't ever very useful or quite right. They also bind and never operate as smoothly as OE. The nice OE metal sheath cables are NLA. I most certainly didn't and would wish one of those cables on my own worst enemy.

Apart from diesel (different pedal end more like a 700 with the rubber damper on the pedal end as well as the trans) and I believe the 84.5 240tic with the stiff pressure plate but flat flywheel still and heavy foot stomper clutch, 240s m45/6/7 take the same cable otherwise Of the LHD 4-cylinder SOHC engine cars to my knowledge.

The 140 cables last well and have that elegant "hook" design on the pedal as opposed to the pin that you have to grease and lube or else it will cause weird wear that opens up the hole in the pedal or snaps the cable prematurely.

Good luck.
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