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Good news everyone!
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Spent the last week redoing my garage, something I should've done already years ago but yeah, priorities or something. For some reason the area where 2 cars can be parked was only accesible through the electric garage door and the room where my workbench and tools etc are could only be accessed by a door in the side of the building. So I finally got rid of this pointless wall, made a sliding door there and got myself a small lift. For the first time in my life I can work on it inside and easily work under it :D This should speed things up considerably. Removing said wall was a bit of work as it was made of 25cm (10") thick porous concrete. Not the soft easy to work with stuff but actual concrete. I'm just glad it wasn't a wall from the house, as those are about 50cm (20") thick for some reason. I also installed compressed air lines and connections on the walls throughout the garage, with the air compressor in the small room with all my heating equipment so you don't hear it at all and a switch above the workbench to turn it on or off. Moved the car into its new home today, so finally no more working in the driveway with crappy weather.

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Loving this build! I've been enjoying watching this as I work through my own build with a DOHC 4.6 Ford V8. I'm jealous of your 60 degree V. The 90 degree V of the 4.6 certainly creates some challenges.
Thanks! The space you get by having a 60 degree V angle is offset by 4 more cylinders unfortunately.

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