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Removed all the carpet and gave it a thorough cleaning. Was able to score a good deal on some Eastwood Thermo-coustic sound deadening material, so that will go in after I get some rust spots in the floor/rocker panels repaired.

Ordered a retrofit heater control valve from EuroPartsHouse. Seems like a very nice, all metal unit.

Diagnosed my oil pressure light...looks like the pressure sender is stuck open. I can make the light come on by grounding the wire, so I'm going to replace the sender...they are inexpensive enough.

Also diagnosed my dead tank pump...wiring is good, pulled the sender unit and gave the pump 12v at the battery and still nothing. Strange that the pump didn't have the filter sock on. Took the pump apart to see what I could find. Looks like the commutator is worn through and prob why it wasn't working.

1998 V70 T5
1979 242 DL

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