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I have put about 200 miles on the car since it has been road-worthy and the mysterious "miss under acceleration" has returned. It is the same thing that was plaguing the car when I sold it the first time, but this time I want to get to the bottom of it.
(My old thread for reference:

I pieced together a kjet pressure tester like this: and hooked it up to see what I could find. Per the thread, the line pressure should be 65-75psi and the control pressure should start around 20psi and raise to 45-50psi.

Here's a short video to document:

To summarize, it looks like my control pressure is low...the highest it ever gets is 40psi. I can't watch the gauge while driving so I can't exactly see what's happening when the missing occurs, but it doesn't look like the CPR raises the control pressure to the correct level after warming up.

Any thoughts on the line pressure? Is it normal for it to bounce like that?

I am planning on eventually converting the car to LH2.2 and doing a +T so I'm more concerned about the condition of my fuel pumps vs. having the CPR operate properly. I can deal with the miss if it's the CPR, but if my pump is going south then I need to get a replacement...but it seems like the pump is ok.

Also, since Corona centercaps are $$, I put the newer black ones on and they look pretty good imo.
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