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Originally Posted by harribert View Post
No, I back the heck off if I see it touch 13 on anything over 2-3 pounds. It has even pinged after the cbv vented on decel Anyhow, the enrichment in my car at WOT is ridiculous, as in <10:1. My tune is absolutely terrible.
Well I've had zero pinging since the break-in has begun. I shot an email to Mike (TLAO) regarding the rich WOT answer yet. Heading out into the garage and turn another rev on the MBC....see if we can hit 12 PSI this morning

Yes, considering another chip for the fuel ECU as a comparison. I've got what is supposed to be Fred's fuel chip in a 563 ECU (oldie but goodie), and I might have to install this weekend just to see if the WOT AFR's change with that one.
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