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Well folks, got this reply from Mike (TLAO), and not wanting to misquote him, here it is cut & pasted:

Typically LH will learn in 200-400 miles.

You could have a vac leak or a bad sensor, Hard to say without working on the car. I would pressure test for leaks anyways.

Sensor wise I would try another AMM. I have seen afr's varry from 10:1 to 14:1 under load from different AMM's. Some AMM's will give the same afr's and others will give very skewd readings. Kind of at random, I have also seen older 02's do something like that.

Any reason not to turn up the boost? at that low of boost you will not really hurt anything and these motors do wake up with more boost a lot. Stock IC sucks one way or another but most run 15+psi without to many issues on them.

Scotty, I was afraid you would say that! Need to find these damn leaks and fix them, or otherwise stay out of the boost. I'm planning to go to Mobil 1 Synthetic in another 1500 miles, but it might have to be sooner if my oil smells of gas. I don't have oil leaks of any size, just a nuisance weep coming from somewhere up front. Since this tank of gas has netted me barely 250 miles, I'll just keep my foot out of the damn thing until I get these leaks resolved to keep the oil and gas separated. Once bright spot....the last WOT blast at my local "proving ground" had the AFRs down around 10.2, 10.3, and that was at 13 PSI. Mike is suggesting 15 PSI, but that is getting close to the explosion point for my stocker IC.

HonestJ, to your comment about post AMM leaks, I'm thinking that the connections from T3 compressor outlet to TPS inlet are the ones that would generate the RICH condition. My brain thinks a "suction leak" between AMM and compressor INLET would result in a LEAN condition as the unaccounted-for air going IN should not be accounted for when injecting fuel.

At any rate, time to get the soap & water spray bottle, and begin search for those leaks. I spotted some oil at theFMIC exit in front of my battery, so perhaps I should start there....

The adventure continues! Hopefully soon I'll get some updated pics of "cheap thrills" with the lowered stance, prior to the paint work.
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