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So this newfound motivation is [kind of] going places.

The car was repainted by Maaco literally a week after it was purchased in 1973. While I believe they did it in #42 California White, I am not 100% certain. I took the hood to a local auto paint place and had them match it. I only bought a pint, but I think it should be enough to do the spots where the rust repairs were done. My plan down the line is to finish all the nitpicky bodywork like the roof rack holes a few years from now and do a whole paint job.

Also, my significant other works for Specialized Bicycles, which is down the road from Iroll Motors. Had her pick up a windshield seal as well as new trim clips and a few other miscellenous items to complete the outside of the car again. I have a glass guy coming to put the windshield in next week.

My plan right now is to still work my way from the outside of the car to the inside to make it complete again. Once that is done I should have my drivetrain plans sorted out.

I ended up selling my Bob Foltz upright mounts, as well as my T5 adapter. I am going this weekend to look at a 1994 850 sedan with a thrashed interior and exterior but most importantly an M56. Apparently it runs great and the price is more than right. I am going to drive it for a little bit while I put my C30 down for a new timing belt, water pump, axle and and exhaust system.

Plan with the 850 after that is to strip it and crush it. The M56 swap bits will fetch me back some money, and maybe some other parts too. But the engine as well as the ECU's will be saved for the 1800. It will stay naturally aspirated using the factory engine management, an 850 cluster and an M90 or a T5 behind it.
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