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Sad news, not related to the car itself though. However it does provide motivation for this project

I went to a wedding in Saratoga yesterday, around the corner from the house I bought the ES from.

I drove a few blocks away to that street after the wedding, looking for the 1 acre ranch she lived on with the little house built in the 50's next to Saratoga creek. She told me her husband built that house.

I had doubt she would be present, seeing as how she would be 105 years old now.

Instead of the seeing the property with a little house, the entire property is now one big modern mega mansion. There was a Tesla P80D, Porsche Panamera and two Land Rovers parked outside. The smell of uber rich tech bro almost made me gag.

I officially want to do the fattest ****ing burnout ever, in the ES, right in front of that house
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