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Quo Vadis 3.54 with M90?

In a 30 km/h zone I'd drive in 2nd with the 3.54, 3rd with the 4.10 (meaning an extra shift into a low cruising rpm, and likely a shift down into second to accelerate out...).
Economy seems best with the 3.54 @ 50 km/h, and I can hold 2nd gear to around 3k rpms and shift directly into 4th, skipping 3rd completely.
Obviously 500 rpms more on the highway doesn't make the 4.10 advantageous, especially for roadtrips...
Sure the 4.10 gives you more torque to the wheels, but it makes 1st gear useless and if I can hold onto second a bit longer I'll be shifting a lot less.

Conclusion, no buyers regret!
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