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So, re-applied the sealant between the cam carrier, will have to see if my oil leak disapears...

As far as the hotstart problem--> 012 MAF doesn't help at all...

Changed the CTS with a new unit... nothing
Changed the IAC with a new unit... nothing
Found a small air leak in the piping to the turbo intake... idle no longer surges above 750 rpms, just only down to 500 and back up...
Deleted the high pressure fuel pump and replaced the in-tank unit with a Deatschwerks DW200... nothing --> but I do like the pump! Soooo quiet and still flows 250lph@43psi
Swapped Chips, EZKs and ECUs like a madman... nothing
Contacted Peter from the former Hi-Tuning shop... he suggested swapping out the EZK chips with stock ones or the CPS with a new unit...

Guess there's not a whole lot more to do, going to replace the CPS with the one from my DD and hope it fixes the problem. Otherwise I'm down to... nothing. Car still runs like crap for the first 10-20 seconds after a hot start and sometimes smells like it's running pig rich. Sometimes it throws the 1-3-2 code, which means low charging voltage?!?! Might just be due to the low idle at ~500rpms, might swap in a spare alternator just for kicks... Changed the oil and it smelled like fuel, so it's definitely dumping a lot into the cylinders after startup. After it starts and figures out the idle it runs like a champ, so I'm stumped at the moment. Gotta be something stupid, like a corroded connection or whatever, but I've gone through practically everything, just can't think of what else to check!!!

Probably going to just start over and go through the process again in the hopes of finding something I missed... Hope I don't come up with... nothing...

EDIT: Fuel pump install and wiring pics

I upgraded the stock wiring from the pump to the chassis harness connector since the original in-tank pump only draws like 3A and had itsy bitsy teeny weeny wires. At the harness there's a good size wire leading to the connector, looks like the same AWG as was provided with the pump.

The black and white wires I robbed from another connector I had laying around to replace the puny pink and black leads.

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