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Default Volvo 122S Build Thread: Scope-creep the Sequel

I really should have started a P&R thread a few years ago - but there's lots of time to populate this thread until I'm done this build.

The car:

As purchased in 2006
1966 Volvo Canadian (122S)
Clapped out

Version 1.0
B20/M41 with all the usual stuff except for JVAB Rods and CP pistons, VPD street cam. Made 134/134 hp/torque at the wheels.
Wilwood brakes on all corners.
1031 rear end with TruTrac.
Bilstein HD's VPD springs, poly bushings
240 leather interior
Wooden steering wheel made from an original wheel.
Rechromed custom bumpers and grille
So some stuff done.

It's this car.

Then when I was thinking about a little more compression and a bigger cam and EFI and a nice coat of paint on the outside of the car, three events happened.

1. My battery exploded (externally regulated alternator - grrr) causing a massive acid leak.

2. A 960 oil pan fell from my rafter storage through my back window.

3. My neighbour crashed into the front of the car when parked (never admitted fault).

So that's three pretty strong signs that I needed to do something with this car. It went into the garage in 2012. It's still there. I built a 242 for no good reason that was supposed to be just a simple winter car.

Here it is at the Canadian Autocross Nationals.

So that took some time.

Now I'm back on the 122.

Version 2.0:

The basic idea with this build was to make a 122 that could really stick on the track and have the power that I wanted, but be a little more refined than what I had. I was inspired by builders like Singer and others that go a little nuts with the details and re-vision what these vintage cars can be. I've kept a very detailed blog of the build and my intent here it to provide the highlights or summaries rather than re-hack the "how I got here" which I kick around on my home forum ( There's a millioin details in a build like this and I'm trying to hit them all. So, if you're still reading - welcome to the worst case of scope-creep that I can think of, or as my wife says "So, you're doing it all over again for no reason?"

Here's the build list:

Engine and transmission:
T5 Transmission (A-5 gear set)
TTV flywheel and clutch
Borg Warner EFR Turbo (haven't settled on which one exactly right now)

Suspension Details:
Modified Corvette C4 IFS
Toyota Supra MK3 IRS
Bilstein ASN coil overs
Woodward racing steering rack

Other stuff.
Floor mount Tilton pedals
Roll cage (bolt in is planned)
Full body reinforcement for strength (Stiffer inner rockers and extra bracing to deal with front end flex that this chassis is known for).
Mini-tub rear end to accomodate more tire.
Custom aluminim fuel tank
New Acura front seats (with Sparco's for racing)
Original back seat is making a come back.
All interior will be trimmed in leather.

And much more that I'm forgetting.
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