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Originally Posted by ovlov760
Were all '88 Volvos made to work with ethanol? I wonder if my Walbro is E85 tolerant and if the Ford CFI injectors are.
The Walbro is of a pretty modern design, and it is not designed specifically for gasoline. It doesn´t have any natural rubber or cork-gasketed parts. I have a single in-tank pump as well ('98 945T), it is from Volvo and was designed to run at least E10 and is therefore ethanol certified. I am 100% sure the Walbro will work excellent.

I am running CFI´s with E85, and I am probably not the only one. And how many people actually use the CFI´s in their modded Volvo´s every day, or drive the original cars the CFI´s came from? Many! And what fuel are they running? At least 90% of all those vehicles all over the world have been running on E5 or E10 for the last couple of years.
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