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Some studies has been made to estimate some other effects of E85 other than the usual things mentioned before. A comparison was made regarding the relationship between E85 and gasoline, and how good the cooling properties are:

An engine at operating temperature (of 82*C I think it was) with the supply of 20*C warm air and 20*C warm E85 has equal performance / cooling properties as the same engine running 20*C warm air and an equivalent of -63*C cold gasoline...!

Of course, gasoline would not even work at those low temperatures but the cooling effect of E85 is equivalent to -63*C gasoline when both are at the same lambda value.

And yes, for good performance you still need a good intercooler. Not really for the sake of avoiding pinging and detonation, but the intercooler makes the air more dense and therefore you can push more air-mass into the cylinders and get more power.
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