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Thanks! These are Volvo Propus C wheels, made by BBS, a stock wheel on the C70 model. They're 17x7.5 with the 5x4.25 bolt pattern of the newer Volvos. Since they're front wheel drive offset I'm running them with 25mm spacers but I get a tiny bit of tire rub with 205/50 tires. I'd recommend 20mm spacers for someone who doesn't want to roll or cut the fender lips. I cut exactly 2 coils off all 4 springs, so the ride height is exactly 14 inches from wheel center to the fender lip. I used 1800E front hubs and rear axle on this car which updated the bolt pattern, but you can get adapters if you want to keep the original 122 pattern on the car.

Originally Posted by VQ View Post
could you do an up pipe with the stock na manifold? They do flow well..
I don't think so, those drop way down under the firewall of the 850 so I don't think there's room for it.
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