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Appreciate that, lots. I know time is valuable.

I ordered a Bosch AAM and a tropical fan clutch.

The AAM had 2 12vdc feeds on the pins and varied the voltage as airflow increased from idle; seemingly good. I wondered if the low airflow thru the intercooler might aggravate the problem. I'd seen the extreme sluggishness right after startup, on a hot day, unlike the prior post-warmup pattern.

Yesterday, I saw the second coolant depletion event, with attendant HOT ECT gauge. The puddle was mid to rear engine coompartment and it took 3 qts. to fill! I suspected a weak fan clutch and indeed, I could easily stop the plastic fan with my hand, even spin it in reverse while the engine idled. There was no loud whoosh upon start, hence the tropical Aisin.

After three recommendations to replace the (007) AMM, despite what seemed a good test, I read that an initially-failing sensor can have problems with low airflows causing the stumble I know too well. I'll also repair the wires to the aux fan with are not part of the underhood harness, but also have failing insulation.

Again, thanks for sharing UR experience(s).

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